Wrap My Bag

wrap my bag service
*Standard fees:
Small Bags $ 15.00 Avg 22inch(55cm) x 10inch(25cm) x 15inch(38cm)
Large Bags $ 20.00 Avg 30inch(76cm) x 12inch(30cm) x 20inch(50cm)
*additional fees for custom and larger sizes

Wrap My Bag

Wrap My Bag Services encase suitcases and bags in multiple layers of plastic wrap.

However, this will not stop the Transportation Security Administration from opening
your bag if needed.

Give your luggage extra protection with Wrap My Bag Services

Wrap My Bag Stretch Wrapping Service. Stretch wrapping protects your luggage or bags on its whole journey. World Mail Center wraps your items such as regular sized suitcases, bags and rucksacks. For ease of transport, a hole is made for at least one handle and for the wheels.
Plastic Wrap- suitcases, golf clubs, tires, other items please call us for a quote

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